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how to play block blast?

Block Blast is a captivating and addictive block puzzle game designed to entertain and engage your mind during leisure moments. With a simple yet captivating objective, this brain game challenges you to clear as many colored tiles as possible to attain a remarkable high score. By mastering the art of strategically filling rows or columns, you can gradually ease your way through the puzzle. As you indulge in this block puzzle game, not only will you be immersed in a delightful gaming experience, but you will also enhance your logical skills and train your brain for improved cognitive abilities.

how to beat block blast?

  • Target the horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Plan beforehand.
  • Don't stack blocks on the board.
  • Clear multiple columns.
  • Avoid leaving single spaces and single unconnected blocks.
  • Attack the corners.
  • Focus more on creating lines than blocks.
  • Consider the order before moving.